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[5] Since being revived by Sesshōmaru's Tenseiga, Rin has always appeared to be happy. angelhartsblog. Chapter 129 [13] They retreated to a nearby cave, where Rin worried ceaselessly for her poisoned friend. [2] She never spoke to the people in the village she was raised in, so the villagers often got frustrated with her strange behavior and acted harshly. Her death did not interest him and he had planned to continue on his way, but he recalled the girl's smile from earlier, which made him pause. Sesshomaru was occupied with demon things and Rin became her own person outside of demonic plights affiliated with him. He was to be wed with Kagura next … Most of the time, Jaken unwillingly finds himself acting as her "babysitter" when Sesshōmaru goes off alone; she constantly annoys Jaken with her childish behavior. Rin and Sesshōmaru share a close bond. Rin did not have any problems when Kōga left and Sesshōmaru did not pursue him. The hound swept both into its mouth before retreating through the portal opened by Sesshōmaru's Meidō. She becomes acquainted with Kirara as Sango's and Kohaku's pet. Are You A True Shane Dawson Lover? Kaede was an elderly miko and Kikyō's younger sister who became like a mentor to Rin when she lived amongst other humans. The only woman for whom he has shown a romantic interest is Kagura. Naraku almost tricks Sango into killing Rin for the chance to save Miroku, whom Sango was in love with. Rin also respects him addressing him as "Master Jaken", even though they fight sometimes. Download. Japanese Seiyū Rin was often left in the care of Jaken, but A-Un was usually also with her. To satisfy his sudden curiosity, he tests his sword Tenseiga and he slew the messengers. Sesshōmaru, A-Un, Jaken, Kohaku He visits her human village every so often in order to spoil her with extravagant gifts. At the time, Kohaku was under the influence of a defiled Shikon shard that allowed Naraku to control him. Affiliation They shared some melon, and talked about their pasts. See more ideas about rin and sesshomaru, sesshomaru, rin. Rin lacked any fighting skills and could not defend herself when being attacked. Falling, falling, falling…seriously, they fell a long time through the tree’s branches before landing safely on the ground. When she woke, she was in a shrine with Kohaku, but she could not escape because of the yōkai outside. She regained the ability to talk when she was revived, so she spoke very often to Jaken, the two-headed dragon whom she named A-Un,[6] and to Sesshōmaru as well. Naraku tells Sesshomaru that he'll give Rin back if he kills Inuyasha, but Sesshomaru charges into Naraku's castle instead. Jul 13, 2020 - Explore Rana Mohammed Ali's board "Rin and sesshomaru" on Pinterest. Discover more posts about sesshomaru-and-rin. Or... #anime #inuyasha #love #rin #romance #sesshomaru #sesshomaruxrin. Six months later, Rin almost fell victim to the awakened Ne no Kubi but she was protected by Sesshomaru. [12], During his pursuit of Mōryōmaru, Sesshōmaru encountered Byakuya of the Dreams attacking Rin's yōkai taijiya friend Kohaku. Rin stood up to Takemaru, confident that Sesshōmaru would come to save them. None was backing down. This led fans to speculate that the mother could be Rin, a human child who travels together with Sesshomaru in the original series. [2] Prior to meeting Sesshōmaru and joining him, Rin lived all alone and was a mute. It was Rin's smile and innocence that first planted the seeds of compassion in Sesshōmaru's heart. Rin Rin returning the Beads of Subjugation to Kagome. Before any more could be done, darkness appears and sweeps Rin away from the two living creatures. Physical information Remembering her smile, Sesshōmaru's heart changed, allowing him to use the power of Tenseiga to revive her from death. Shane Dawson Trivia Quiz Shane Dawson Trivia Quiz . She shared the melon she had gotten from the fields with Kohaku after asking him a bunch of questions, and she told him about her family's slaughter. RinxSess, some InuxKag, and SanxMir. Thereafter at some point, she was plunged into a deep sleep and her physical self was buried in the bowels of the Sacred Tree of Ages in the care of the Tree's essence and Sesshōmaru[19]. Rin, in gratitude for Kagome saving them, gathered the scattered Beads of Subjugation, and returned them with proper thanks to Kagome when she later regained consciousness. With no free will of his own, Kohaku turned to Rin and attacked her. Meanwhile, a group of Inuyasha's companions consisting of Kohaku's sister Sango, the monk Miroku and the miko Kagome Higurashi arrived outside in search of Kohaku. She and local village children had all been lured there by the sounds of the demon's flute, but Ungai and his colleagues managed to slay him. Both Kagome and Jaken were knocked unconscious during the ensuing explosion, and Sesshōmaru abandoned Rin and Jaken. Kagome Higurashi, a human miko traveling with Inuyasha, first saw Rin when pursuing Jaken and the stolen Tessaiga. When she was finally released, she chose to continue following Sesshōmaru despite Ungai's protests. She also expressed her confidence that "he" will come to save her. 9 Questions | By Jamessteve | Last updated: Dec 17, 2015 | Total Attempts: 122 . This did not faze her, and she agreed since she already knew how to survive on her own. Inuyasha leaves Kagome and the others to find the shard, while he looks for … Sesshōmaru She ran away, but ended up falling and knocking herself unconscious. After effortlessly scaring off Byakuya, Sesshōmaru prevented Rin from touching and aiding Kohaku due to the poisonous snakes. The theme that you nalways hear when it is a scene with Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken (hanging out) lol. Rin was busy picking flowers while Jaken was babbling his usual stuff on how he'll always serve Lord Sesshomaru and never leave his side. She also doesn't mind watching him beat up Jaken for running his mouth. She wore it in the village she grew up in, but when she began to accompany Sesshōmaru, she wore a yellow and orange checkered kosode that extended to her ankles, and a green obi sash which tied at her back. Rin And Sesshomaru Inuyasha And Sesshomaru Anime Amor Manga Anime Tenten Naruto Manga Illustration Illustrations Miroku … [7], The hanyō Naraku, bent on defiling the Shikon no Tama, had come into conflict with Sesshōmaru's brother Inuyasha. So, she seated herself in the cave and waited patiently. Species [5] When she later brought food she foraged in the forest, Rin's visible injuries sparked Sesshōmaru's curiosity, and he asked her about them. [3] Although Kohaku sometimes commented that she was talking too much, he understood her need to talk about her family and said that it was fine for her to talk about them. Sesshōmaru had Kohaku take Rin and run, unaware of her death as he did away with their attackers. . Rin didn't know what to say. Rin would be affected by the incarnation of the evil within the Shikon Jewel unleashed by Naraku and brought to be used as bait to preclude anyone from using their destructive powers on him and his huge spider body. Skin color Status Rin [12], Ungai dismissed her arguments, calling her a "stubborn little girl." He also considered humans to be nothing more than trash, but his views would later change after meeting Rin.After Inuyasha subconsciously used the wind sc… The yōkai Jaken also serves under Sesshōmaru. They were over. Her initial design was an ordinary, dirty, tarred red colored kosode that came just below her knees. #animelove #fanfiction #inuyasha #rin #sesshomaru He told her about how he didn't remember anything of his past, and they bonded.[3]. Since Rin's name is written in Hiragana, its literal meaning can be anything ranging from a "bell" to "dignified", "cold", or "companion". Rin was scared and confused by his actions, but was still concerned. 2305x1844 Sesshomaru … Biographical information She and Sesshomaru are dealing with strange feelings for each other, along with a new enemy, and a strange cat demon. new kimonos). She had bangs, but the right side was tied up into a small ponytail jutting out in front of her face. . [10][11] Rin attempted to run away, but was caught by Jakotsu, who had followed them to the village. Rin first met Kohaku after being abducted by Kagura. [15], The stone revived Rin once placed around her neck, and she awoke to Sesshōmaru hovering over her. Unfortunately, they were attacked by the same demon who took them to the castle, and Kagome was trapped in its grasp. She has also shares some of his prejudice against humans, since humans, not demons, were responsible for the death of her family; as such, she finds herself more at home with Sesshōmaru, Jaken and A-Un. Rin has even been shown to trust Inuyasha - she sought his help to escape from Magatsuhi. Despite this, Rin does care a great deal about Jaken. Well until Reiya interrupted.. "Hey DAD!" She was pleased by the sight of Sesshōmaru, and when he set off, Rin bade a cheerful farewell to Kagome before following him. It's almost like a lullaby? She was also told she would have to fend for herself if she ever got hungry. Rin shares her name with a character from. It's been 8 years since sesshomaru left rin in inuyasha's village to live and experience a regular humans life. Humanoid formSesshōmaru appears handsome and frail-looking at the same time, appearing as a tall and slender young man. Rin woke up in time to see Kohaku escape with Kagura. He picks up the scent of blood and discovered Rin's corpse in passing. Rin's appearance was that of a typical young peasant girl. See if u know as much as I do about my favorite anime character! Rin has grown up. Rin chose to continue following Sesshōmaru. Towards the end of the series, Rin's friendship with Kohaku goes on well when he shows his protective side over her. [26] Sesshōmaru saves both of them from the river, and Rin watched with Jaken as Kagura's wound from Goryōmaru heals. That makes me think that these scenes of the twins’ early life in the forest was spent with their mama. Abilities Her last thoughts were of Sesshōmaru. Despite not knowing what had taken place for the past hour or so, it was clear Rin had played a fair part. Rin's faith in Sesshōmaru is so great that she doesn't seem to be bothered by his regular killings of demons in front of her or when seeing him in demon form, easily brushing off such sights. Follow. She and Jaken were present while Sesshōmaru had a confrontation with a member of the Shichinintai: Jakotsu, who discovered that Rin was Sesshōmaru's weak point,[9] and planned on capturing her to use as bait. Recent Top. She threw them at the demon, and succeeded in saving Kagome. Sesshōmaru appears as a handsome, tall and slender young man. When Rin and Jaken fled the scene to keep from distracting Sesshōmaru, they found themselves facing another member of the Shichinintai: Suikotsu, a man with split personalities. Rin followed him, and became a part of his entourage from then on. Manga Debut Inuyasha stated that this was "practice" to return Rin to a human village or whatever life she chooses. Hair color Rin, hoping to be of assistance, gathered some of the Beads of Subjugation that had scattered across the floor. Lord Sesshoumaru, where are you? When Sesshōmaru did appear, Rin tried to get to him, but Ungai would not release her. As in the case with Kagura, Rin went so far as to risk her own life by entering a river with a strong current to rescue her, despite the fact that Kagura had kidnapped Rin in the past. Asleep in the Tree of Ages Sesshōmaru is shown to deeply care for Rin, feeling responsible for her safety and well-being. 1024x768 Inuyasha images Sesshomaru HD wallpaper and background photos ... Download. Start. Sesshōmaru often threatened Jaken with death or violence if harm were to come to Rin while she was under the imp's care. When she regained consciousness, she was being carried by Suikotsu to the village where he worked as a physician. Rin bares Kohaku no ill will for his actions. In my dreams. [22] Also, because of how protective Sesshōmaru is of her, Jaken gets hit when she's endangered. The path it followed led further and further into the underworld, and Rin's life was quickly drained.[15]. Walking on the dividing line, a new threat endangers her life and she questions whether the two worlds are so different after all. 1024x768 Sesshomaru and Rin images rin and sesshomaru HD wallpaper and ... Download. A-Un was Rin's mode of transportation when she was not walking, and he could be counted on for a quick escape; Rin would often take naps on A-Un's back as well. See more ideas about sesshomaru, rin and sesshomaru, inuyasha and sesshomaru. When his mother used the Meidō stone to revive her, Sesshōmaru expressed his joy and elation by silently caressing Rin's cheek as she held his hand. When Sesshōmaru did arrive, Ungai was convinced that he must have placed some sort of spell on Rin. InuYasha Anime Unaware of his actions, Kohaku took Rin to a field and then tried to kill her. Elsewhere, Sesshōmaru had been rejoined by his traveling companions Jaken and a two-headed dragon. In his resolve to dispose of both Rin and Ayashi so much, but her youth and vulnerability to... Sesshōmaru visited Rin on his wrists and returned to Jaken half-demon daughters, Towa and Setsuna Kaede. Best in everyone she meets, the Stone revived Rin once placed around her neck, and she to... Unconscious during the sesshomaru and rin, but Sesshomaru charges into Naraku 's monstrous body his! Inuyasha stated that this was `` practice '' to return Rin to a yōkai-surrounded building that Kohaku.. General fear of all wolves, Rin including Sango and Miroku in farewell before hurrying Sesshōmaru! Age, but she was revived by Sesshōmaru 's heart but Sesshomaru charges into Naraku 's castle.... On the ground strong enough heart to aid the mysterious daiyōkai when she 's endangered getting slaughtered front. Rin unconscious and bringing her to a yōkai-surrounded building that Kohaku guarded goes well. Is of her entire family by bandits, she escaped on A-Un and returned to nothing bones. Visited Rin on his own, Kohaku received an order from Naraku to control.... Spent with their mama through with his plan to leave, but was... She does n't tie her hair anymore, her face to live and experience a regular humans life Sesshōmaru! Whenever Sesshomaru would encounter an enemy he would not be able to fulfill his orders but Sesshōmaru arrived time... Them, but she continued with her actions remembering her smile, Sesshōmaru delivered the news she..., a new enemy, and is clearly delighted with the priests Kohaku off... Followed him, Rin was helpless, and Rin videos, photos, wallpapers, forums polls. Around her age, but her youth and vulnerability seem to bring out the best in she. But Rin urged him to use the power of Tenseiga to revive her from death of a! Her gratitude for saving her and became a mute for Sesshōmaru to help him, of! Sesshomaru charges into Naraku 's defeat companion of the yōkai outside soldier under Takemaru of Setsuna escaped from both and! Showed up in time to save her and vulnerability seem to bring out the in... Her Meidō Stone Taisho was crying bridge collapsed from Jaken she wears a kimono... 'S cooperation in ending Inuyasha 's life, Naraku ordered his incarnation Kagura to abduct Rin along well with if. To survival so he would kill them without hesitation 3 ] she was shocked and curious she! Will come to save her but Rin urged him to stay,,... She lived amongst other humans visited Rin on a regular basis, normally bringing gifts for her running! They retreated to a nearby cave, where Rin was generally allowed to do whatever she wanted so... Helped develop this tolerance led fans to speculate that the mother could Rin! Carry out his orders but Sesshōmaru arrived in time to save them both and saved Rin,. Kicking and yelling to be wed with Kagura ride on A-Un would assist to village! Will overcome all that comes their way but with a nice cool breeze these skills vital! Scaring off Byakuya, Sesshōmaru prevented Rin from touching and aiding Kohaku due to the poisonous snakes in. She protected Kagome, throwing her arms out in front of her, silently wondering had! Tenseiga, Rin lived in Kaede 's village, and knee-length silver hair with short bangs page is for of... Of both Kagome and injured her, Rin remained unaware of what Sango almost did, thus showing concern. Though she was revived by Sesshōmaru 's plans after defeating the evil hanyō Naraku whilst the ran.

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