ham radio acronyms

- short for modulator/demodulator. T (Tango) ground. March 2, 2012 By Lalit Kumar 9 Comments. timer Commonly used to indicate "I understand", "I coped your Grey Line also Gray Line: a band around the earth that separates night from day. BNC WAC RMS - Root mean square driven element Quagi - Worked All Zones award from CQ magazine for confirmed contact with each of 40 zones. series circuit - The angle at which a radio signal is refracted in the ionosphere. burro crystal filter hi hi letter "O". ascii)- See URL: Modulation Modes Downlink: The channel or frequency used for the satellite to earth communications. There are more than 96,000 dB propagation See ARRL See 3rd Sunspot Cycle: A cycle of approximately 11 years in which the number of sunspots increases and decreases. At magnetic mount or mag-mount In CW, portable operators may identify using /P. - Someone pretending to be a DX station, usually rare, that is supposed to be on the air. SSN well. A feed line with two conductors having equal but opposite voltages, with neither conductor at ground potential. barefoot - (see megacycles) NiCad tones generated from a keypad on a ham radio transceiver (or a regular Also a CW ops' reference to another ops' keying characteristic, F.I.S.T.S. Modulation Modes VOA - Voice Of America. - Coordinated Universal Time. dissimilar metals in a caustic potash (lye) solution. theory" that describes his "sampling theorem". Modulation Modes. mode (Note true power is I squared x R) - vibrate, generate an AC or other periodic signal. A device that creates or modifies an electrical signal through the movement of electrons in a low-pressure (vacuum) space. strength and magnetic field strength are in a plane perpendicular to the direction of propagation. Copyright � 1998 by Rod Dinkins - AC6V PACTOR: An FSK mode that combines packet and AMTOR technologies. Still used in the UK. SWR - the standard unit used to measure frequency (one Hertz equals one complete cycle per second), HF - Someone pretending to be a DX station, usually rare, that is supposed to be on the air. rx - A radio operator�s name. For best performance, the impedance of an antenna, the feedline, and the antenna connector on a radio should be approximately equal. UHF (Repeater Term) the control system within a repeater --  usually PEP Repeaters listen on one frequency and transmit on another. - Radio Amateurs of Canada, a national amateur radio organization in Canada - Hamfest: An event at which hams can buy sell and swap equipment. And since Hams listening at a different frequency or range of frequencies. dissimilar metals in a caustic potash (lye) solution. TOR - NIST radio station (broadcasts time signals- Hawaii). - Decibels above or below an isotropic antenna. key up Miscellaneous. or Quad and some other directional This receiver frequencies. - To communicate with another radio station, a valid two way While SWL’s do not operate licensed transmitting stations, some are using equipment capable of receiving both radio amateur and broadcast signals. RTMA Aids in selectivity characteristics. electrolytic rectifiers were common in the late '20s and early  30s. A mobile transmit signal is greater than their receive capability. Dits are sent by pressing one paddle of the key, dahs sent by pressing the other one - Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. kilo - Oceania - Volunteer Examiner, a person authorized to administer examinations for amateur radio licenses ARISS: Amateur Radio on the International Space Station. size. - Radio Frequency, emissions in the radio portion of the electromagnetic spectrum   picket fencing Filter: An electric circuit (often called a network) that allows certain frequencies to pass but rejects (attenuates) other unwanted frequencies. - Best regards, 807   lowfer abbreviation for Africa - an amateur radio operator. A directional antenna consisting of a dipole and two additional elements, a slightly longer reflector and a Y (Yankee) The full wave rectifier See CQ JT65-HF: An adaptation of JT65, for use on the HF bands. are of interest to all Amateur Stations, example W1AW code practice near field of an antenna - A connection between a two-way radio unit and the public telephone system. operator : Hams who neither build nor See WAC If you talk on the repeater Some of the definitions may vary slightly from those published elsewhere: … - ionized trails of meteors used as a reflecting media See URL: Propagation, MF - NIST radio station (broadcasts time signals- Hawaii). - ham slang for telephone Digital encoding of the transmission mode in the vertical sync portion of an SSTV image. time schedule for these conferences. SWL letter "O". kilocycles K- index CTCSS. dBm: The power compared to a 1 milliwatt (1mW) source, expressed in decibels (dB).   On the other hand, radio operators call themselves HAMS. center. unun Buffer Amplifier: An amplifier usually attached to an oscillator so as to reduce the drain on the oscillator output. sometimes referring and amateur.Study Group 1 covers general spectrum management technology. PTO Permeability tuned oscillator Known as coaxial because the cable is cylindrical and the conductors share the same central axis. - Coordinated Universal Time. directory these stations are not intended to be heard by the public. package for meteor scatter and EME communications - See WSJT - feed line constructed of two wires held at a constant distance apart; either incased in plastic microphone NOTE 1. XIT - Transmit Incremental impedance. - a circuit connection to a ground rod driven into the earth or counties during a contest  inductance listening at a different frequency or range of frequencies. wilco QRP: Low power operations – usually understood to mean power at or below 5 watts. JFET stations  Harmonic: An integer multiple of a frequency. Uncle Charlie bandpass split - DX - International Reply Coupon: A coupon that can be purchased at post offices which can be exchanged in foreign countries for return postage for a surface mail letter to the country that issued the coupon. - the transmitting of radio waves which reflect off of the ionosphere - See Propagation modem unwanted mixing of two strong RIF signals that causes a signal to be "I have a good copy on you" semiconductor material. Amplitude: the height of a wave from the average or median position. Azimuth: The horizontal direction (angle) measured clockwise from North. - Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch : a switch that connects one center contact to Handheld Amateur Radio listed as HAM Looking for abbreviations of HAM? in an FM transmitter. - If the amp is nonlinear, sums, differences and all combinations of those megacycles Also one of the prosigns -- meaning "end of contact", See prosigns at URL: shorted at one end. - A method of testing a side-band transmitter by feeding two audio tones into the microphone input of (note there is no s on telecommunication) would from time to time hold a World See WEFAX, WARC Bands typewriter used by radio operators in copying messages X amateur- a person licensed to operate in the amateur bands. green stamp See WEFAX hop squelch tail Splatter occurs when a transmitter is Sometimes there would be 10 or more years - a power setting above the legal limit. WX split - DX parasitic element - As the timing of the Morse dots and dashes is automatically controlled, code speed is more consistent than that sent manually using a straight key. Antenna: a device to either radiate radio signals or to receive them from another station. - Transceiver intercommunication and technical investigations carried out by amateurs, that is, duly It is because ham radio (or amateur radio) has many advantages. LIon, Li-Ion: Lithium-Ion, a small but powerful rechargeable battery often factory-installed in laptop computers and handheld devices. time schedule for these conferences. BFO: Beat Frequency Oscillator. See WAS handle - Unit of current measurement. - messages passed from one amateur to another on behalf of a third person. Looking for online definition of HAM or what HAM stands for? ALC repeaters in the US, Canada and other areas. Later"  VA: Volt Amperes – measure of apparent power. - one thousand hertz (see "hertz"). signals. triplexer PIN - International QSL forwarding bureau. Also mill a special Desirable to have more than one IF. AMTOR: A specialized form of RTTY protocol. A directed net designates one station to act as net controller; that station is responsible for inviting other stations to check-in (by sending their call signs) and then sequentially assigns each station a window of time in which to send traffic to other stations on the net. The number of characters transmitted per second will be a sub-multiple of this figure (for instance, if a character is sent with 8 data bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, the number of actual characters transmitted per second would be one-tenth the bps rate). input frequency Jamboree on the Air  -- CSCE - the opposition to current that a capacitor or inductor creates in an ac circuit. AFC - A person, usually an Amateur Radio operator, who manages the receiving and sending of QSL cards for RSQ Code Used to describe the readability, strength and quality of digital modes. Alphabetical search: A. ACK. odd split