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The crystal healing energy will infuse your being from head to toe. Read more about using Shungite for water purification). There are many sources online to find a list of safe vs toxic crystals. Keeps negative influences at bay. Here are 5 benefits of a Crystal Elixir to transform your life: REVITALIZES ENERGY When water is infused with a crystal, the vibrations from the crystal charge the water with the healing properties of the gem stone which promotes healing and wellness. You can do this in the night so the crystals are infused for at least 12 hours before the next consumption. Be creative. For example Rose Quartz elixir is known to be amazing for the skin or Shungite elixir to heal hair fall. For the direct method – remove the crystals once in a week and wash them as well as the container to remove any residue build up. We have 13 Full Moons and 13 Menstrual Cycles in a year. If you are making a big quantity; leave the water untouched for 24 hours and drink as much as you can in the day. Amber – Alleviates throat problems; antibiotic. What is a Chakra Crystal Elixir? Use the incredible healing benefits of crystals to regulate your flow. Blue Lace Agate – Soothes and relaxes the body; aides in peaceful sleep. During this new black moon, try meditating with Clear Quartz or even drinking a Clear Quartz elixir, to strengthen your intentions and gain clarity. Grounding. This helps to direct and transfer the crystal meanings and vibrations from the crystals directly into your elixir. Now, we are seeing crystals used with copper water bottles. Sometimes during a healing session my guides tell me what crystal essence to use to shift a problem in myself or others, or even in my cats. The secret to a comfortable menstrual cycle. Use it to transform negative energy into positive, productive energy. Only the best crystal water bottles will come with 100% pure natural crystals, and when infused with water, it produces […] It must be made in glass containers. Increase motivation. Seal your container with its lid or glass plate and leave it for 24 hours. The number 13 is very auspicious. Boost your energy with clear quartz. Stay tuned for our next Blog post for more magic! The benefits are the same as using the direct method, you just have a simpler setup and it expands the type of stone you can use, due to the toxicity of certain crystals. There are a few different ways you can use your crystal elixir. Try drinking a Clear Quartz Crystal Elixir to heal your body from within through positive vibrational energy to take control of the shift in the new black moon, balance your emotions, gain clarity and amplify positive energy! This powerful crystal can be charged to any intention and is perfect for gaining control over the intense energy of the black moon. Before you decide to buy a crystal-infused water bottle or DIY your own crystal elixir, make sure the stone you choose is safe to put in water, writes Bri Luna, founder of The Hoodwitch. Water is vital for strengthening the immune system and function of the heart which when combined with the powerful healing properties of crystals can boost your health and vitality to flourish and glow on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You must learn to trust your instincts. Avoid using plastic containers for making your crystal elixir. What makes a Full Moon on Friday 13th so MAGICAL? What are the benefits of a Black Obsidian elixir? This next chapter in your life will be focused on strengthening your clarity and building a stronger network of positive people. The NEW listings are especially helpful in working with the changes and issues taking place in our lives and upon our planet right now! Not all crystals are safe to use in water. The intense energy from the black moon encourages you to aim higher and achieve the things you feel called to. A crystal elixir, essentially is a water based essence containing crystal energy. Crystal Elixir to Go Method. The Benefits of Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir For Mature Skin. Fluorite – Alleviates bone/joint/tooth pain; aides concentration; anti-viral. The moon will appear slightly smaller than usual because of its orbit. Read our self-care tips here , Care instructions for your Kiara Crystal Elixir Water Bottle. You can also express the specific benefits that you are hoping to receive from the crystal elixir you are making. Here are Crystal Therapy Benefits Black Tourmaline elixirs. So while there are some crystals that you can just pop into your water bottle and drink up; there are some that should have in-direct contact to make your crystal elixir. What star sign is the Full Moon in and what does this mean? Use these feelings to release any emotions that are holding you back. Try it out and send us your feedback. Alleviates stress and tension. You can also have a tailor-made crystal elixir comprising of several crystals. Amethyst – Relieves mental stress, insomnia. These can enhance your choices with clarity, self assurance and keep you 'on track' for creating a positive new future beyond what is presently being acted out. A blog series on the power of healing crystals to transform your menstrual cycle, regulate your flow & balance your emotions. Energy from the crystal is transferred into the water which is charged with positive vibrations, improving your physical and spiritual wellbeing. The black moon occurs when there are two new moons in the same calendar month. Crystal Elixir Use on Plants. Natural Healing Home provides natural solutions to bring balance and harmony to people. You must use crystals that have been programmed for a specific intention to make your crystal elixir more effective. A glass container (Pitcher, glass, bottle – depending on the amount you wish to make), Fill in your glass container with filtered water. You may have noticed that you have experienced significant emotionally challenging situations this past month, but do not be discouraged these have prepared you for what is to come in this next phase of your life. Year of the Earth Pig. The word elixir stems from the Arabic word “al iksic” which means “miracle substance.” Crystal elixirs have been crafted by alternative healers for centuries, and are referenced in ancient Grecian and Chinese texts as being used to cure specific ailments. If you are using a glass or a small container then 1 standard size crystal tumble is enough. A blog series on the power of healing crystals to transform your menstrual cycle, regulate your flow & balance your emotions. Chakra stones are used to make chakra crystal elixirs. To maximise the vibrational energy transmitted in your crystal elixir, you should charge your crystal in a full moon or in the sun so the crystal is charged with the powerful lunar and solar energies. We believe that nature has a cure for everything. If there is any water remaining and you don’t want to wait until it is finished to start the process again; just add in more filtered water to fill up the container to the top. Berries are great antioxidants so if you are lazy to eat your fruits, then it’s easier to pop them in your water bottle for a good body cleanse. Clear Quartz is known to increase inspiration and creativity through stimulating the brain function which makes you more aware, active and alert in all levels of consciousness. The most important thing to note is that –. Required fields are marked *. How to Create Crystal Elixirs… Safely: There are great benefits to be obtained from CRYSTAL WATER. Find out how the powerful healing properties of crystals can be used to balance your emotions. Usually only High Energy crystal essences or … Go with your intuition and do what feels right. The next Full Moon known as the Blood Moon/Full Hunters Moon/Travel Moon will appear on October 13th! You can purchase different inserts for different purposes. But if you are not sure or have the slightest of doubts, then please use the in-direct method. What if I told you, you could infuse your water with good vibes? Its healing energies course through your veins from head to toe. The benefits of both methods are the same (unless you are choosing Shungite to filter your water. Bloodstone – Aides in releasing emotional stagnation; heals blood disorders. Crystal elixir is one of the simplest vibrational elixirs that you can prepare at your home. Through charging your crystal, the intention you pick for the crystal is transferred into the water. The gemstone elixirs are a result of a simple infusion process. If you know the crystal you are using is in the safe list; then you can pop it in. Crystal Elixir can be used on Plants to help them grow quickly and keep them healthier. Please do NOT ignore this. These high vibrational potions will add some sparkle to your day. Crystals have a higher frequency than any other mineral on Earth which when combined with water, encourages rejuvenation and clarification of both the mind and body. It it advised and recommended to avoid making your own crystal elixir and buy a crystal elixir water bottle that has already been tested for your health. They can be used to administer healing to ourselves, friends & family and even our clients. Therefore a Full Moon falling on Friday 13th is a very special, magical, and powerful day. Cures gastric and intestinal problems. Use meditation to take a break, slow down, find balance and take control of this new chapter in your life. The Autumnal equinox full moon usually begins on September 23rd, but for the first time in 19 years, this year’s Harvest moon actually coincides with Friday 13th! You can also express the specific benefits that you are hoping to receive from the crystal elixir you are making. Discover Charlotte’s GROUND-BREAKING, SCIENCE-POWERED face serum and why it has several clinically-proven benefits for ALL skin types, including mature skin… Ancient Greeks used to drop their gemstones into the bottom of their water jugs to infuse pure water with the vibrations of the crystals. There are a few different ways you can use your crystal elixir. Pisces feel things on an intuitive level, which makes this the ideal time to let go of your emotions and tune into your inner voice. 3. Malachite – Puts physical, spiritual and emotional body in harmony. The key is to get the process and dosage right so that the gem elixir works on your body and spirit as you desired. The benefits will depend on the gemstone used to make the elixir. When you notice that the unique taste starts to fade, this is an indication that your crystal needs charging to restore its energy in order to pass on the vibrations to the water to align the water’s molecular structure, thus improving the taste. It is the ideal time to set your visions and manifest all your desires. During this process, the stone’s vibrational energies are transferred to the water providing health and healing benefits. The healing properties of crystals are most potent when infus Of all our crystal elixirs, the Black Obsidian is the most potent. Simple yet effective ways to improve your mental and physical health. Your email address will not be published. The is a company VITAJUWEL GEMWATER and sells wonderful galss bottles withan insert that contains crystals. A crystal elixir can be indirectly used to imbibe the chakra powers of a gemstone. Using healing crystals to create an elixir is a fun way to not only cleanse them, but to rejuvenate ... Balance Your Hectic #MomLife with Crystals AND Cultivate a Practice that Benefits Your Kids with my NEW Book! A crystal elixir is created when a crystal is added to water to revitalize its energy. Water absorbs the crystals energy pattern, potentializes it, and The first new moon occurred earlier this month on July 2nd which created an amazing solar eclipse in South America. The word elixir makes it sound all mystical but a crystal elixir is as simple as water infused with the energies of a crystal of your choice. This elixir will help you feel powerful, secure, safe in your space and protected from negativity. Learning to fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness. When you drink from a crystal elixir, your health is recharged and restored to a balanced state and your chakras are realigned. If you are using a glass bottle; you can place your bottle on the glass plate, and keep the crystals on the plate touching the bottle from the outside. For thousands of years, the powerful energetic healing properties of crystals and gemstones have been used to protect against illness and facilitate healing. Rose Quartz – Alleviates emotional problems, increases love and compassion. The star sign associated to the Harvest Full Moon falling on Friday 13th is Pisces, the water star sign associated with emotions, intuition and creative tendencies. You will notice that water tastes a little sweeter when infused with a crystal. These elixirs do sound like mystical potions but they are just your normal crystals mixed with water. Crystal elixirs have a plethora of benefits. However we have compiled a list of commonly used crystals that are used for elixirs to help you get started: Clear Quartz Crystal – An all-purpose healing crystal. Crystal Elixir benefits are Awesome! Each one has a different color and mineral composition due to which they have different healing properties; physical or emotional. We have the indirect method which makes it possible to make an elixir with any crystal that you have. Well these are the common suspects and we all know that lemon is good to alkalize water and just tastes great; same as cucumbers. One of the simplest vibrational medicines that you can easily prepare yourself at home, crystal elixirs are waters infused with gems or crystals, preserved in alcohol (or glycerol). How to cleanse your crystal to purify it with clean and positive energy and intensify your intentions. Numbers 1 and 3 combine to form the angel number 13; a sign from your angels that you are connected to the ascended masters whose abilities help you manifest your desires. You can mix a variety of crystals for your crystal elixir. When is the best time to see the Full Harvest Moon?. This must be applied to all areas of your life: from listening to music to meeting new people. These infused beverages for health and well-being are most often made by adding a crystal or a gemstone to water, but Glace Bottles is helping consumers enjoy the benefits with its Crystal Elixir Water Bottles. They can be used in your home, they can be used as a beverage for you or your pets, and they can be added to essential oils in order to enhance aromatherapy. Drinking a crystal elixir is a great way to integrate the energy of the crystal into your body on a physical, mental and cellular level. We found this website has a very exhaustive list. This is because the water absorbs the elements from the crystal which purifies the water and improves the taste. Around this time of year, and before the modern era of tractor lights, farmers used the light of the full moon to help them see at night so they could harvest their crops. Referred to by many names, such as Adventurine, Avanturine, and Indian Jade, Aventurine Crystal derives its name from the Italian word ‘aventura’ which literally means ‘by chance.’ This is an appropriate name for a metaphysical healing stone that is among the luckiest crystal gems in the world. As this new black moon opens doors to the next stage in your life, you must prepare yourself to achieve more growth and abundance. Start your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey today with a crystal elixir! What we have going on in this experiment is some kitty grass that I grow for Topaz (my crystal-lovin’ kitty! Crystal Elixirs. Apparently, the crystal water bottle is a thing and can do just that with the help of specialized crystal pods inside the bottle. A crystal elixir is not just for ingestion. If you’re wondering why should you infuse your water with a crystal; then ask yourself, why should you infuse your water with lemon, cucumber or berries? Direct and Indirect Methods of Immersion are used to make elixirs all around the world. Crystals for Mom, ORDER NOW. When water is infused with a crystal, the vibrations from the crystal charge the water with the healing properties of the gem stone which promotes healing and wellness. The positive energy infused into the water from the crystal flow deep into the body which repels negative energy. Tagged: clearquartzcrystal, crystalpower, crystalmagic, crystalhealing, crystalwaterbottle, crystalelixir, crystallove, thirdeyeenergy, elixiroflife, chakrabalancing, highervibrationhydration, kiaracrystal, spirituality, gemelixir, vibrationalenergy, transformyourlife, Moontime Magic: Regulate your flow with crystals, Moontime Magic: Balance Your Emotions with Clear Quartz, How To Care For Your Kiara Crystal Elixir Water Bottle, The Secret To A Comfortable Menstrual Cycle, Kiara Crystal Elixir Bottle | 16oz Natural Gemstone Water Bottle for Making Crystal Infused Gemwater | Includes Premium Healing Crystal, Free E-Book and Neoprene Sleeve (Clear Quartz). (We would use one tumble in a 500 ml water bottle or 3 tumbles in a big water pitcher). What crystal … Drinking this elixir can help you stay focused and in the present. Black Obsidian is used for truth, pure potentiality, awareness and protection. Let’s see what they are: Provides overall protection. The crystal water bottle and 'crystal elixir' trend has been growing for the last few years, with many believing that we can all benefit from the presence of healing crystals. Your usual cup of tea is also an infusion of dried herbs. I wanted to see the effects of growing the kitty grass with crystals as … The new moon is associated with new beginnings and encourages you to take a look at your current habits and how you can evolve to leave behind everything that has not been working for you and create a reality which you truly desire. Benefits of Black Tourmaline elixir. Have you tried healing crystal elixirs? Happy Chinese New Year! Trust your intuition. Crystals have a powerful ability to restore any imbalances in the human body. Moreover Clear Quartz, also known as “The Master Healer” is perfect for setting intentions and gaining control over the energy you are putting out. On Wednesday 31st July at 8:11pm PST (11:11pm EST) we will experience a Super New Moon in Leo, also known as “The Black Moon.” This new moon will open doors to the next chapter in your life. Making a crystal elixir involves infusing water with a crystal. Aventurine Crystal Meaning. Refill the container when it’s empty and repeat. Always physically clean your crystal if it is going into the water. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A crystal elixir is not just for ingestion. Crystal essences and elixirs can help deal with growth and flowing issues on both food and ornamental plants. Friday 13th will be a very powerful time to tune into your intuitions. Relieves pain, especially in the joints. There are literally too many ways to count the benefits of drinking crystal energy infused water . Once you have programmed your crystal for a specific intention you can benefit from the frequency of this crystal in various ways; and a crystal elixir is just one of them. A new moon occurs in the lunar phase when the moon lines up with the sun, blocking all illumination, making it invisible in the night sky.

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