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Please guide me as to which bus takes this route and at what timings and days. thank you, best regards, Web Design by Grafdom, Top 20 Bloggers to Follow in Turkey (2020) , Top 20 Bloggers to Follow in Japan (2020) . I want to go to yas mall from where I take the bus and what number plss By Naila (Oct, 2018) | Reply, hi i want to go to masdar city. Discover the capital city of the United Arab Emirates during a hop on hop off Abu Dhabi bus tour! By I.Gomes (Aug, 2017) | Reply, Which bus number can i ride from baniyas (east) post office to al muneera B Al bandar? Route; 101: Abu Dhabi – Mazyad Mall – Mussaffah- Dalma Mall. Your email address will not be published. Please provide some shade at bus stops as on the crossings in some places in city. If a service connecting through Mohammed Bin zayed city is provided we will be very much thankful and a lot of people can utilize this service. All buses will receive a regular and extensive sterilising and cleaning regime on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the public, ITC said. Which bus is going from bus station (al wahda mall) to tourist club area. Rerouted via Al Mafraq and Baniyas East, extended to Al Wathba South, Extended to Al Wathba and Al Wathba worker city, Extended to Bawabat Al Sharq Mall; rerouted via Baniyas East and Al Wathba Camel Farms, Rerouted via Abu Dhabi Gate City and Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Replaced by service number 155, 210, 404, 405, and 406, Trade secrets or confidential information. You can join the tour from 14 different hop-on, hop-off stops. Kindly check this link for timings: https://dot.abudhabi.ae/ckfinder/userfiles/files/BusService162.pdf By Jesse (Jul, 2017) | Reply, What is the timings of bus number 103 from abu dhabi to mohamed bin zayed? 12 near abu dhabi golf club, i will go to Al forsan International sports resort. By Arvin Jaraba (Aug, 2018) | Reply, please tell me the bus route from electra park to yas beach By asif (Aug, 2018) | Reply, Hey i am new to Al Rowda area.There is a bus stop 040. Im Ticket-Preis unserer Abu Dhabi Touren ist eine kostenlose Dhau-Fahrt inbegriffen. For senior citizens above 60 years old and people with disabilities, travelling by Abu Dhabi bus is complimentary. Thanks By Mylen rose (Dec, 2017) | Reply, am liveing in near alwada mall so i want to go zayed cricket stadium i want to khow which bus can go from alwada bus station to zayed sport stadium By maqsood ellahi (Oct, 2017) | Reply, Hi,.I leave here in abu dhabi electra st and I am going to al wathba central prison what bus number here in electra going in al wathba central prison.thank you. kindly let me know as soon as possible By salar dar (Aug, 2017) | Reply, i am going to National Hospital Electra Street, I wanna know if there is a bus from deerfield going to Al reef. Share. By Elaine (Dec, 2017) | Reply, Which bus will going mussafah seniya 37 al burooj hospital By Jayadev maniyara (Dec, 2017) | Reply, Please I need to get the bus number that goes near Shaeen super market By Mrs Francis b (Nov, 2017) | Reply, I want to travel by bus from marks and Spencer's hamdan to Banyas school road By Yvonne braganza (Nov, 2017) | Reply, What bus number is it from Abu Dhabi bus terminal to Yas Mall Yas Island and how frequent are they. By Pete Andrew P. Dayo (Oct, 2017) | Reply, Hi. By Janice Clemena (Oct, 2017) | Reply, Pls tell me which bus to take from khalifa city A opp al forsan to muroor st abu dhabj By Liź (Oct, 2017) | Reply, how can i go to abu dhabi university from musaffa bus station By sandy (Oct, 2017) | Reply, How can I go al raha mall Abu Dhabi from Hamadan street Abu dhabi By Asim maniyar (Oct, 2017) | Reply, I just want to know, which bus number is going to banyas east 5 (46 street) from abudhabi bus station . Musaffah Por – Mohammed bin Zayed City – Mafraq Hospita – Bani Yas West – Al Wathba Workers City. Welcome DARBI Abu Dhabi! What bus do you use to get from Mussafah to khalifa city A- either al forsan or the abu dhabi golf club stops. Change to the Island Tour (Green Route) to see Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Louvre Museum and Yas Island, home to Abu Dhabi's best adventure parks. What bus numbers and stops.. By Imelda p. Mancia (Dec, 2017) | Reply, I'm in icad residential city Abu Dhabi I want go all Salam city camp please tell me buss number and where buss station By MD Yaseen (Dec, 2017) | Reply, Plz sir tell me which bus will go abu dhabi madina zahid to sadiyat plz sir iam looking for bus but I couldn't find out. And route of abu dhabi and timetable By Harisankar Biswal (Sep, 2018) | Reply, I stay in Dubai. By jay cabeliza lopez (Oct, 2019) | Reply, hi what is the bus number from abu dhabi city going to new al falah city? What bus number? By raven (Aug, 2019) | Reply, I'm coming from salama hospital and I want to go to Khalifa city A. By Abrar khaliq (Dec, 2018) | Reply, is there any airport bus A1 from shabiya mussafah? Now, My duty location is nmc day surgery, near capital mall mussaffah(MBZC). By Marigen B. Agnete (Apr, 2019) | Reply, How i can go to Pakistan Embassy by bus from Abu Dhabi Bus station??? Thank you. Thanks By Diana Macapanas (Aug, 2018) | Reply, Hi, I want to go to Bahia shahama, where can I access and what time is the routing trip, I'm front electra corner salam street, thanks. By Gladys makotose (Nov, 2017) | Reply, HI I would like to travel from shabia 10, mussafah to Khalifa park, which is the bus no dedicated for this route. By Mohamed Shahat Abdelhamed (Nov, 2018) | Reply, Hello there I want to know which bus number is going to Pakistan embassy Abu Dhabi from al Reef villas and if any one can get me the timing that would be great thanks in advance By Ahmed waqar (Nov, 2018) | Reply, I would like know which bus I can get from al wadah bus station to go to Indian school at Al Wathba.please reply soon By MERLEENA JASMIN (Nov, 2018) | Reply, WHICH BUS NO TO GO TO CAPITAL MALL FROM BAWABAT AL SHARQ MALL By SUKANTH (Nov, 2018) | Reply, I want to know that. Regards By Zartash (Apr, 2018) | Reply, Which bus go to baniyas from MBZ city By Mazher (Apr, 2018) | Reply, Please give me the numbers and timings for buses from al rahba hospital to al mafraq hospital and back (all timings please) By sansy (Mar, 2018) | Reply, Which bus no.I ride going to khalifaA from baniyas east? is there any landmark that i need to know? By Flomeryn Lopez (Aug, 2017) | Reply, please can you guide me which service nmb bus goes to Jabel ali bus stop from Mussafah By Mahmood Hassan (Aug, 2017) | Reply, Please specify for the bus number of mussaffah municipality to salaam street? And is there have direct to al mina coop? By Cyrus Sabas (Jul, 2017) | Reply, Hi Cyrus. Thank you By MUHAMMED SHAFEEQ (Mar, 2019) | Reply, Which number bus going Abu Dhabi town to khalifa city A? This route is going through baniyas and final destination is Shakbout City Mafraq hospital. Which bus # to take? who is the used the buss going to this area By Habib (Aug, 2017) | Reply, I just want to ask what bus going to Bahrain embassy UAE please let me Kno w By Apolinario (Aug, 2017) | Reply, Tomorrow shamkha bus timing By Yaser mehmood (Aug, 2017) | Reply, Can you guide me on which bus I can take from Khalifa City A (Near HCT womens college) to Khalifa University and back? By Irfan shah (Oct, 2018) | Reply, Hi Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station RTA Bus Timings. By peter ngante (Mar, 2019) | Reply, I need to take bus from muroor 23 street to kaldiya etisalat which bus should I take By Cynthia (Mar, 2019) | Reply, I lived in alfalah street which bus goes to mussafah school shabiya12 .’ zone pls tel the timings and bus num By BANDARU manasa (Mar, 2019) | Reply, May i know how i reach salama hospital from khalidiyah etisalat by bus. Bank. By LILY BALDEMOR (Dec, 2018) | Reply, Please help me to find the bus from Abu Dhabi airport to Al Rowais By Haba (Dec, 2018) | Reply, i want go abudabi bus station from mussfa m.26 and wer the bus will get and whats is the number By yasmoom (Nov, 2018) | Reply, which bus going from hamdan street to mushrif mall and what time? Hop on to discover all the must-see landmarks from our open-top buses, and hop off to explore rich tradition at the Grand Mosque and Heritage Village, marvel at the new Louvre and its treasures, and chase thrills at … By cassy tan (Sep, 2017) | Reply, I'm from Shabiya 10. Which bus can I use from Al Reef to deer fields? I want to know bus timings and bus number from mussfah # 9 to Airport road Etisalat main office. So please some one guide me please with no bus I will take from dbudhabhi bus station ... By Waseem (May, 2019) | Reply, you can take the bus no 94 By nabeel (Aug, 2019) | Reply, How can i go to abu Dhabi mall from Electra street By Muskaan Sajnani (May, 2019) | Reply, Sir, am coming from dubai(rta bus) I want to go yas Island. By Criz (Aug, 2018) | Reply, is there bus to go mussafah shabiya bus station from central buss statiom By Sumit karki (Aug, 2018) | Reply, From here to mussafa shabia11 which number of bus going straight to alreef By Marilyn (Aug, 2018) | Reply, Wic number buss go I card bus stop to Abu Dhabi bus station By Zeeshan raza (Aug, 2018) | Reply, Which bus number goes from liveline to Abu Dhabi golf club gardens By loveline nges Kimbong (Jul, 2018) | Reply, I am from dubai.I would like to visit LIWA date festival.is there any bus to there? Zur bestmöglichen Nutzung der Webseite stellen Sie bitte sicher, dass in Ihrem Browser JavaScript aktiviert ist. Bus from Mussafah to Abu Dhabi Bus Station Ave. Diese Website verwendet Cookies für ein besseres Nutzererlebnis. I am here at al whada mall. Mehr lesen . By [email protected] (Jan, 2018) | Reply, from Najdah singnal which bus no go Aktuelle Informationen. What bus shall I ride going to Khalifs City A?And what are the timing tomorrow morning of bus 101 and 102?Thanks By Lovella M. Bucog (Sep, 2017) | Reply, I just want to know what bus is going to al ghadeer village tahnk you By Rovel Vasquez Llanes (Aug, 2017) | Reply, Sir ,Please i just want to know which bus no. Vollbild. This route starts from Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and ends at Ibn Battuta Metro Station. We passengers are facing some difficulties riding the Bus going to BANIYAS EAST because once the Bus already occupied all the bus seats they are not stopping now in the Bus stop because its not allowed standing position not like the other Bus there is options for the other passengers who wants to catch the bus going home to stand in the middle area of the Bus. This service is available every hour. By Aisling (Oct, 2019) | Reply, Please advise of bus number (and timing) FROM Mazyad Mall Mussafah TO Carrefour airport road Abu Dhabi By Ana Maria Marentes Gustilo (Oct, 2019) | Reply, I want to go to Ikea by bus. Very difficult to wait in 40 to 50 deg sun. By Michael Justo (Oct, 2017) | Reply, Which bus i will go.. Im going to golf club By Gerica juanillo (Oct, 2017) | Reply, If I'm staying khalifa city A market.. And I'm working to the golf club. Because all of the employees at that area are having hardtime to go in their works like me. Hospital. Sie können die Abu Dhabi City Tour an jeder unserer 14 Haltestellen starten. Alle Fotos (144) Wählen Sie ein Datum und die Anzahl der Reisenden aus. Additional information: 102 has 42 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 60 minutes. By Waqas imtiaz (Dec, 2017) | Reply, Plz tell me which bus is go to Deerfield mall in shahama plz By Nabila Bilal (Dec, 2017) | Reply, Which bus William take me from Hamdan street to makani mall khalifa nd if there is connection I won’t mind By Michael (Dec, 2017) | Reply, How can I go to Al Raha mall, I'm here in khalifa abudhabi. Mit diesem 24-Stunden-Hop-On-Hop-Off-Ticket für den Big Bus können Sie die Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt bequem und bequem erkunden. Place of Worship. Thanks By Madhavan Sidhardhan (Jul, 2018) | Reply, Please help me..what the number of the bus going to muroor road?im here in khaladiya mall By luchel alkhiami (Jul, 2018) | Reply, A wonderful day.! Line X81. is there any bus from makani mall Shamkha to musaffah industrial area. Stockwerk der Etihad Towers. By camilla van der merwe (Sep, 2018) | Reply, Please help me..which bus going in al reef? Holen Sie sich alle Wahrzeichen, Routen & Zeiten auf Ihr Mobiltelefon. By Awais Haider (Mar, 2019) | Reply, Which bus number going to yas mall from madinat zayed shopping center? By Ernest Nkemchap (Nov, 2019) | Reply, I will like to travel from Abu Dhabi bus station to Abu Dhabi ship building mussafah By Ernest Nkemchap (Nov, 2019) | Reply, Which bus goes to shamkha to kizad By Sadar (Nov, 2019) | Reply, Please tell me which bus goes to near US embassy from corniche hotel By Omolbanin Rezazadeh (Nov, 2019) | Reply, I want to go to Alkhawarzimi international college, which is near al bahya or near deerfield mall. If so fare and timing please.iam a senior citizen . By Mario rosales (Apr, 2019) | Reply, i want to know that which bus is going alshahama to mussaffah 25 opp lifecare hospital .then i need bus timing and bus number By muhamud nowfal (Apr, 2019) | Reply, i want to travel directly from al wahda to mussafah M-12, let me know which bus wll go directly By Venecia aloysius ferrao (Apr, 2019) | Reply, I want timing shadule for Abu Dhabi airport from worker city 2 bus #A40 By Muhammad Asim (Mar, 2019) | Reply, Which bus going from MerryLand international school too wahdah mall please tell me By Mrs Saghir (Mar, 2019) | Reply, Which bus is going from Khalifa City A market to Al Muneera/ Al Zeina? Maybe we can suggest to add another Bus number going to Baniyas Route or the Bus having an option to stand in the middle area of the Bus if all the seats already occupied. (Every 30 minutes), Abu Dhabi – Workers Village – Abu Dhabi Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi – Mazyad Mall – Mohammed Bin Zayed City – Abu Dhabi University, Dalma Mall – Mohamed Bin Zayed City – Mazyad Mall -Shahama – Al Rahba Hospital, Federal Courts – Khalifa City – Yas Mall and Shahama – Al Rahba Hospital, Will stop at Marina Square on Al Reem Island in both directions, Rerouted via Mazyad Mall and Labour Relations Office in Mazyad Mall, Extended to the North Mosque in Shakhbout City (previously known as Khalifa City “B”), Rerouted via Zayed Grand Mosque, Khalifa City and Street number 15, Operations from Al Marina, Zayed Sports City, Khalifa City, and Masdar City are canceled; instead, this service will operate from Khalifa Street in Abu Dhabi City, Khalifa City, and Street number 15 heading towards Khalifa City North, Extended to Yas Island East (Aldar offices), Extended to Al Raha Hospital via Al Bahya, Deerfield Mall, and Abu Dhabi City Municipality – Al Shahama Centre.

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